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Vision and Values

Bishop Ascendant is a mission-driven organization here to solve the challenge of clean water sustainably and affordably. We envision a not-too-distant future where anyone, regardless of where they live or the circumstances that may impact their lives, has ready access to a reliable clean water supply.

Solving whole problems. Our approach is to look at a challenge holistically and consider all of the possible offshoots – from regulatory obligations to shortcomings of existing solutions to practical production requirements. By doing so, each scenario can be thoughtfully incorporated into solution design, getting ahead of problems that would otherwise arise in the field.

Innovating based on experience. We’ve combined that approach with our past experience solving big problems in rugged environments to create a simple yet revolutionary solution to a challenge that affects millions of people worldwide.

We can’t do it alone. Teamwork is one of our core values. We are building a network of global partners that will bring our clean water solution to life in country, wherever it’s needed, at the lowest cost and environmental footprint.

Passion drives creativity. We are committed to the idea that using already-proven technologies in an innovative way can and will raise the quality of life for people in need, wherever they are. We are working to make that vision a reality. Water Purification a Solar Power System and a Telecommunication system can work together to change lives.

We provide clean water

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