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What is Spark?

Spark is a multi-faceted solution to address industrial wastewater treatment and the global water scarcity crisis. Spark combines technologies for water filtration and purification, power generation, and networked internet, satellite and cellular communications (also crucial in remote areas and disaster zones), into one modular, portable and self-sustaining system.

Lightweight and easily deployed, just one Spark can provide a reliable, sustainable source of clean water. Multiple Sparks can sustain a region of significant size and population.


Clean Water

Combining granular and particulate filters with UV light treatment for purification, a single Spark unit can provide between 4,000-16,000 gallons of clean, filtered, potable water per day, and has a storage capacity of over 500 gallons. Spark is constructed from military-grade components that have a 20-year life span, so units are durable, long-term solutions.

Reliable Power

Spark is self-powered by high-efficiency solar panels mounted on the exterior of the unit. Variable power output is attained by adjusting the amount of solar panels (additional or fewer as needed). Battery storage is onboard the unit itself.

•Distributed micro grid

•Solar power modules

•5kw,10Kw,15Kw… units

•Base unit contains (10) 460AH AGM batteries

•24Volt, 48Volt options

•Scalable capacity


A Spark can provide satellite, cellular, or Local Area Network (LAN)-powered communications to enable high-speed internet and phone service anywhere it’s needed. Spark’s easily upgraded components can be changed onsite in the field whenever necessary. One Spark can support up to 254 connected ethernet devices.

By adopting a modular approach, Spark is tailor-made for re-use and re-design to any specification. Spark’s system is designed specifically for deployment in remote and rural locations. We target new applications for these technologies in humanitarian and disaster relief situations.

Spark Modular Support System Water Filtration Solar Power Mesh Communication Network
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