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Justin Bishop
John Krane
Gene Fernicola
Keith Eckert

Bishop Ascendant is led by senior-level professionals who are highly experienced in developing and deploying technology-centric products and responsibly running the organizations who deliver these products worldwide.

Justin Bishop, President & CEO

The founder and head of Bishop Ascendant, Justin has more than 35 years of invention and business experience. The inventor of the first generation Whisprwave floating breakwater and the second generation HALO Maritime Defense System, he specializes in system design for rugged environments using tough, durable plastics and composites. He has been issued over 30 utility patents to date. 

John Krane, Chief Technology Officer

John brings over 25 years’ experience in computer science and information systems management. A graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, he holds a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Information Systems. John is developing the operating system that will control Spark’s integrated functionality. Initial work is already underway with our forming team of engineers.

Eugene Fernicola, Chief Business Development Officer

Eugene has unique technical sales knowledge from 40 years’ experience selling highly technical mechanical systems. Skilled in retail, wholesale and distribution, he has marketed to Fortune 500 builders for decades, and created and marketed several proprietary products to the building industry. Eugene leads sales and business development for Spark.


Keith Eckert, Chief Financial Officer

Keith is an entrepreneurial, highly-effective and proven senior finance executive. He is responsible for our financial modeling, management and investor relations. Keith is former CFO and founding member of EPIX, a joint venture of Viacom, Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM Studios. Keith is a graduate of Cornell University, and received an MBA from Columbia University.

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