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Spark Technology

Modular Mission Packs


Spark is a modular structure capable of being outfitted for different missions. The basic system is a vertical cylindrical tower structure, rising to a height of approximately 20 feet above the ground. Spark is built of composite and recycled plastic materials.

The unit is composed of several unique rotationally molded plastic pieces assembled and interlocked with each other forming the Spark's superstructure. Solar panels, water pumps, filtration systems, battery banks and communication equipment are all contained within and attached to the molded pieces.

Units are fully assembled and have an instant on capability when deployed. Units have a 20-year lifespan with proper maintenance.


Spark Operation


Water drawn from a local water source by Spark's internal pumps is deposited in an internal reservoir at the top of the Spark unit. Water is then released gradually through automated ports, and makes its way down through the structure passing into and out of several levels of filtering and treatment. Clean potable water is deposited at the base of the structure into a reservoir and can be distributed locally.


Integrated Approach


Water, power and communications can now be delivered simultaneously and instantly once a Spark unit is deployed.


  • Spark's multi-stage modular filtering process is able to remove multiple types of contaminants quickly and effectively. Onboard analysis allows water quality to be monitored in real time.

  • Power is captured and stored within Spark for local distribution.

  • Spark’s internal and external communications are monitored and controlled by our unique Iris operating system. Spark can also be equipped with local, regional and global communications.

Spark unit

Mission Packs

Multiple Filter Modules

Fully Automated Processing

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