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Community Engagement Training

When we deploy Sparks in a region, we can do more than just provide resources. A Sparks build, deployment and upgrades should all be done with the support of local community members. Bishop Ascendant personnel will train local people before and during deployment. Having local community involvement helps maintain the sustainability of Spark systems.

Our Spark systems use their own computer operating system called “IRIS”. IRIS runs pumps, monitors power and water production as well as distribution of resources.  When we have deployed Sparks locally, we can set up classes to provide people with basic computer skills training. The skills learned can assist in monitoring the Sparks operating systems throughout their lifespans. This initial experience with Spark can lead to high tech jobs in the computer field for local community members that we have trained. We want to help any community that Spark is deployed prosper and grow.

With Spark we also create opportunities for local people to assemble components, maintain hardware and parts of the system when necessary.

Water Scarcity

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