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Modular Parts


Our network of highly skilled partners is integral to Spark’s success.

Precision Systems, Inc. Industrial Software Engineering 

Precision Systems actively supports leading companies in the medical, pharmaceutical, industrial and military sectors seeking custom microprocessor, embedded, PC-based, mission- and safety-critical products. PSI’s expertise derives from a history of solving difficult technical problems and providing custom software and firmware solutions that are profitable for companies. PSI clientele includes Fortune 500, the U.S. Government and privately owned small businesses.


Formed Plastics Rotational Molding of Plastics 

Since 1946, Formed Plastics has been recognized as an industry leader in custom rotational molding, thermoforming and fabrication. Their proprietary post-top globes, refractors and spheres have been lighting the way in municipalities throughout the country.

SolidWorks  CAD & 3D Rendering 


A leading provider of solid modeling computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering software, SolidWorks is used for Spark’s unique design and modeling of its solar power systems and water purification systems. In fact, Spark is the Winner of SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneurs Program for 2019!


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