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Bishop Ascendant Enters Strategic Agreements with Key Suppliers

New partnerships launch next growth phase for development of innovative water purification technology.

West  Caldwell, NJ, September 15, 2018 – Bishop Ascendant, an innovator in  applying technology to solve the global clean water crisis, today  announced that it has formed strategic partnerships with two firms that  will supply integral components of its Spark Project. Spark is a multi-faceted solution to address water scarcity challenges that affect populations worldwide, combining technologies for water  filtration and purification, power generation, and networked internet,  satellite and cellular communications into a modular, portable and  self-sustaining system that is lightweight and easily deployed.

In July, the company began working with Formed Plastics , a long-time industry leader in custom rotational molding,  thermoforming and fabrication. Formed Plastics manufacture major  components for Spark units which will then be assembled at Bishop  Ascendant-authorized manufacturing plants.

In September, the company signed an agreement with Sentral Energy to  engage in joint marketing and business development activities in  overseas markets where Sentral has strong relationships with  organizations that are potential Spark clients. Sentral’s solutions have  been integral to several major solar projects in developing regions  such as West Africa and India.

Bishop Ascendant CEO Justin Bishop stated that “partnerships with top notch  firms such as Formed Plastics and Sentral Energy are key to making Spark  the highest-quality solution possible. After carefully considering a  range of supplier options, we are delighted to be partnering with these  two leading organizations, whose deep expertise, strict standards of  excellence, and strong connections to markets in need will help us bring  Spark to fruition.”

About Bishop Ascendant, Inc.

A  multi-arena advanced engineering, manufacturing, and services firm,  Bishop Ascendant solves the global water scarcity crisis by transforming  polluted water into drinkable water. We provide water and energy where  it’s needed. And we enable digital communication for people in even the  most remote locations— sustainably, at scale, anywhere. ​Spark, our integrated, modular and portable platform, combines tested and  proven technologies in an innovative, reliable and mass-producible  system that helps people everywhere survive and thrive.

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