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Bishop Ascendant Announces Poseidon Project

Next Generation Technologies and an Innovative Approach Combines to Address the Waterborne Surface and Below Surface Drone Threat to Maritime Safety and Security.

West  Caldwell, NJ, March 15, 2024 – Bishop Ascendant, an innovator is  applying the latest technology to solve maritime defense issues, today  announced the launch of its Poseidon maritime defense barrier project,  It has never been more critical to secure vital maritime infrastructure,  billion-dollar assets protected from the land with multiple layers of  security while the seaside is wide open and vulnerable.

Poseidon is the vision of founder and CEO Justin Bishop, and builds on his 35+ years of invention and business experience. He previously developed the  Spark Modular Support System, licensed and sold the first generation  Whisprwave® floating breakwater, and went on to develop the second-  generation HALO® Maritime Defense System and Guardian Gate adopted by  the United States and Israeli navies. He specializes in system design  for rugged environments, and has been issued over 30 utility patents.  His inspiration for Poseidon was generated by the extensive use of sea  drones to attack personnel and valuable maritime assets around the  world.

Poseidon will address physical maritime security requirements as well as be a  platform for integrated sensors. Poseidon is the next generation of  maritime security barrier and is the most advanced boat barrier in the  world. Poseidon is specifically designed to stop multiple high speed  boat attacks on maritime assets. It is designed and built for 24/7  operations in an ocean environment.

Bishop commented that “I have always been close to the sea and to watch as it  is used as a pathway for terrorism and economic extortion is  disheartening. I believe Poseidon can create security above and below the surface of the water unlike any other system in the water including my past work.”

About Bishop Ascendant, Inc.

A multi-arena advanced engineering, manufacturing, and services firm,  Bishop Ascendant solves the global maritime security crisis by  introducing the next generation or Type III boat barrier. We provide  peace of mind on the water and security where it’s needed. We enable  safety and security in the marine environment under any conditions and  type of water body. Poseidon, our  integrated, modular barrier, combines tested and proven technologies in  an innovative, reliable and mass-producible system that is specifically  designed to protect lives and assets in and around the sea.

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