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Bishop Ascendant Announces DOD Award For Spark Modular Support System

Next Generation Technologies and an Innovative Approach, Bishop Ascendant is pleased to announce the award of a Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) for the Spark Modular Support System.

West  Caldwell, NJ, March 15, 2024 – Bishop Ascendant, an innovator and  experts in applying technology to solve the global clean water crisis,  today announced the award by the U.S. Air Force of a CSO for its Spark  Modular Support technology after a comprehensive vetting process. Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) is  a competitive process to obtain solutions or new capabilities that  fulfill requirements, close capability gaps, or provide potential  technological advances. CSO procedures are similar to those for Broad  Agency Announcements (BAAs), with the exception that a CSO can be used  to acquire innovative commercial items, technologies, or services that  directly meet program requirements, whereas BAAs are restricted to basic  and applied research.

Spark is the vision of founder and CEO Justin Bishop, and builds on his 35+ years of invention and business experience. He previously developed  licensed and sold the first generation Whisprwave® floating breakwater,  and went on to develop the second- generation HALO® Maritime Defense System and Guardian Gate adopted by the United States and Israeli  navies. He specializes in system design for rugged environments, and has  been issued over 30 utility patents. His inspiration for Spark was  generated by the current water scarcity crisis around the world.

Spark will address water requirements across a multitude of environs, such as  disaster zones, remote regions lacking in water and electrical  infrastructure, arid locations, humanitarian camps and even military  bases. By building water purification, power generation and digital  communication capabilities into a singular unit, Spark incorporates all  of the components required for a reliable, sustainable water supply. Its  modular building-block design will allow storage and integration of  many types of mission packs, so units can be customized for unique  customer requirements specifications.

Bishop commented that, "This award is a validation for years of work studying the water scarcity problem and applying cutting edge technology to the  issue, we are thrilled and looking forward to working with the Air Force  and D.O.D.”

About Bishop Ascendant, Inc.

A  multi-arena advanced engineering, manufacturing, and services firm,  Bishop Ascendant solves the global water scarcity crisis by transforming  polluted water into drinkable water. We provide water and energy where  it’s needed. And we enable digital communication for people in even the  most remote locations— sustainably, at scale, anywhere. ​Spark, our  integrated, modular and portable platform, combines tested and proven  technologies in an innovative, reliable and mass-producible system that  helps people everywhere survive and thrive.

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